ALATEEN program at sos 


We're pleased to announce that there will be an Alateen program available for this year's SOS. As a subset of Al-Anon, the Alateens follow their own program based on Al-Anon principles, and share their experience, strength and hope with each other to learn and grow--just as the adults do.  Minimum age to attend Serenity on the Sound is 12, and all teens will be housed separately from the adults. Some outside activities will be shared between adults and teens.

Alateens are working hard at fundraising to support their attendance. Additionally, as part of the 7th tradition within Al-Anon, members may also sponsor an Alateen by using the "Donate" button on the left side of this page.

There will be 12 beds at SOS available to teens--each room will have a certified AMIAS (Al-Anon Member in Alateen Service) present in each room. NOTE TO TEENS AND PARENTS: Please read the rules and requirements to attend. Rules will be strictly enforced.

See the Alateen housing here:

Registration forms must be submitted by Monday, 8/14/18 so that we can accommodate all Alateens, and arrange transportation. LAST year's form is below in case you may have questions.