Frequently asked questions

What is the format of the weekend?

Serenity on the Sound offers Al-anon and Alateen members an opportunity for a weekend full of rest and relaxation, peace and program. This is your weekend, your gift to yourself to be experienced your way! Crave calm and quiet? Fun and fellowship? Something in between? We hope you will find it here.

  • Friday: Check In anytime between 4:00 and 6:00 pm on Friday night. Receive your room keys, check out your digs and settle in. Explore your surroundings with a walk on the Seabeck grounds, rock in a rocking chair while absorbing the views or connect with others arriving for a weekend of fellowship.

Convene in the dining hall at 6:30 and enjoy generously portioned home cooking by the Seabeck staff. Just look for the tables with the Alanon and Alateen symbol. After dinner, meet up in the community space to kick off the weekend with group introductions and general meeting time. End your evening with fellowship, a candlelight meeting or head to bed early to catch some zzz’s.

  • Saturday: Sleep in or join up with the group for breakfast at 9:00 am, followed by a morning of optional meetings on program topics selected to inspire and provoke reflection. Break for a lunch at noon, followed an additional meeting selection offering. Then, enjoy several hours of free time with a choice of yoga, hiking, rowboating or board games. Snuggle up with a good book or maybe sneak in a nap. It’s your weekend. Have it your way!

Reconvene in the dining hall for dinner at 6:00pm, then layer up and grab your flashlight for a trip to the Bonfire for Smores and Sharing. End your evening with your choice of a movie titles and popcorn or meet up with new friends for fellowship by the fireplace.

  • Sunday: Wake this morning to be served another fabulous breakfast by friendly Seabeck staff. Then head to the community room to conclude your weekend with program friends, both seasoned and new. Check out at noon to begin your travels home, feeling refreshed and renewed.


How many meetings are offered during the weekend?

Multiple meetings are offered centering on the weekend’s theme "came to believe" and selected topics within that theme. As with all Al-anon and Alateen meetings, the format is standard but sharings are always flexible, focused on the experience, strength and hope of the program.


How much free time can I have? What optional activities are available?

As much as you want! This is your weekend your way. Decide for yourself how you wish to spend your time at Seabeck. Optional organized free time activities including hiking, yoga, movies and board games are available Saturday afternoon.


NOTE: Seabeck has raised their rates from 2017, so unfortunately it impacts prices for all. Additionally, some of the older buildings that were less expensive were not as clean as some attendees preferred.


What should I bring?

Suggested items to bring include:

Comfortable clothes

Pen and paper/journal

Warm layers, flashlight and blanket for the bonfire

Raincoat and change of shoes (Seabeck weather can fluctuate in September)

Your favorite literature

Non-perishable snacks to share for the community room (limited refrigeration available)

Water bottle

Your favorite pillow (because we all love out favorite pillow)

Toiletries including shower items (flip flops, soap, shampoo, lotion)


Do I need my own linens?

Seabeck Conference Center provides all bed linens as well as sheets and towels


Are couples welcome?

Yes! Accommodations for double beds for Al-anon couples are available.


Can I share a room with my friend(s)?

Rooms are double, triple and a few are quadruple occupancy. Please indicate your roommate request when registering.


What if I don’t have a roommate?

No roommate? No problem. Rooms are assigned by gender, note your preferences when you book a room.


Is it recommended I bring my children?

The Al-anon and Alateen programs at Serenity On the Sound do not offer babysitting or family-stype activities. Therefore, attendance of children is not encouraged unless they are enrolled as an Alateen. Alateens will be in a separate program, and will join the adults for meals and a few shared activities. (Minimum age for Alateens for overnight events is 12.)


Is the Al-anon and Alateen programming combined?

Standard format meetings for Al-anons and Alateens are separate. Meals, weekend introduction meetings and conclusion meetings are held jointly. Optional activities such as hiking, yoga, row boating, etc., are available to all Al-anon and Alateen members. AMAIS' are attendance for all Alateen programming.


Should I bring cash? What additional fees might be charged this weekend?

No additional fees are charged for the weekend. However, the 7th tradition is observed. Additionally, there is a little shop on the seabeck grounds, and coffee shop across the street.

We may have a raffle on the grounds, prize and format to be determined.


I am interested in carpooling. How can I arrange that?

Just indicate on your registration you are interested in carpooling and the area you are coming from. PLEASE NOTE HOW you would like to be contacted by others interested in carpooling.


What are the sleeping arrangements for the Alateens?

The Alateens accommodations are separate from the Al-anon group. ONLY CERTIFIED AMAIS’ stay with the Alateens in gender-separated rooms PER PROGRAM REGULATION. Alateen program is coordinated by the Alateens with AMIAS support.


I am interested in providing service this weekend. Who can I contact?

The more the merrier! If you are available for service in any way, please email us at