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Cedars is separated from the other buildings at Seabeck, and is designated for Alateens and AMIAS' only. There are 7 sleeping rooms, with capacity for four or five people per room, with both single and shared double beds. There is a shared bathroom on each floor. 21 beds are available for teens, and an AMIAS will be assigned to each room.

(AMIAS is an acronym for An-Anon Member Involved in Alateen Service--he/she has at minimum two years of program, has been trained and certified for working with Alateens and has passed a background check for the state of Washington.)

There will be an AMIAS of the same gender each for each room, per Al-Anon World Service Organization regulations. There are 7 sleeping rooms available that meet those requirements. There are two floors which require ability to climb stairs. 

Some of the SOS activities will be 100% Alateen focused, others will share with Al-Anon programs and free time activities.

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